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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

UFC 75 - Michael Bisping Vs. Matt Hamill

Another fight on the UFC 75 card will be a grudge match between Matt Hamill and England's Michael Bisping. I'm looking forward to this one as I'm a big fan on Bisping.

Both were contestants on the third season of The Ultimate Fighter show and did not hide their dislike for one another.

The issues stemming between the two fighters began on the reality show when Bisping said he believed that Hamill was getting preferential treatment by trainer Tito Ortiz. Hamill, a three-time NCAA Division III national champion in amateur wrestling, is also deaf.

In sparring sessions, Hamill often went at it full-strength with his teammates rather than holding back a little, leaving them with extra bumps and bruises they didn't want. That did not sit well with Bisping, who said he believes that he was picked as the training partner for Hamill to help him become a champion.

Hamill won his first fight on the show but was unable to continue to the semifinals because of injuries. Meanwhile, Bisping went on to become The Ultimate Fighter 3 champion and earned a contract with the company.

Since then, Hamill has wanted to fight Bisping to settle things once and for all.

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